Our planet is not merely a gift, but a Responsibility bestowed upon us

This DUTY calls for our unwavering guardianship. #MakeTheWorldBetterThanYouFoundIt! Are you up for the challenge?

About the Competition

#HuaweiStartupChallenge2 was the second edition of a unique competition aimed at innovative Polish startups, which, together with Huawei and Startup Academy, seek to address the pressing ecological issues facing our planet.

We inhabit a diverse, vibrant world, brimming with creative energy and innovative ideas. Synergy and collaboration are needed to ensure their optimal utilization. In this edition we rewarded the most innovative technological solutions that support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in relation to climate and environmental challenges.

The #HuaweiStartupChallenge2 competition was created to assist Polish startups that harness technology for the planet's protection.

The most innovative solutions were selected by a Jury consisting of distinguished representatives from the world of science, business and public sector experts based on the assessment of competition applications.


The three best projects were awarded main prizes at the final gala in June 2022. Additionally, special prizes were awarded:

First place

100 000 PLN

Second place

60 000 PLN

Third place

40 000 PLN

National Chamber of Energy Clusters Award - renewable energy technologies

10 000 PLN

+ mentorship and implementation

Recruitment Statistics


Renewable energy sources


Circular economy


Reducing food waste


Industry 4.0


Ecological education


Information technologies


Waste management



Competition winners

The best companies selected at the final gala on June 9, 2022

First place - Dynamic Air Cooling

Second place - Plan Be Eco

Third place - Hydrum


Innovative ideas on how to leave the world better than you found it. That was the essence of the #HuaweiStartupChallenge2 challenge

The challenge set for the selected 20 startups by the jury was divided into 3 stages and focused on creating a sustainable development strategy. The result of the challenge in the form of a video was presented during the jury’s deliberation in December 2021.

The teams faced the following stages:

Stage 1

Developing a startup development strategy to leave our planet better for future generations

Stage 2

Confronting the prepared development strategy with a Huawei Startup Challenge mentor

Stage 3

Recording a 2-minute video and presenting the strategy for further development


  • 21.09 - 31.10.2021

    Applications through the website

  • 01.11 - 07.11.2021

    Analysis of submissions and preparation of a shortlist for the jury

  • 18 - 19.11.2021

    Jury deliberation, which will select 20 startups to participate in the project

  • 22.11.2021

    Results announcement and the start of the challenge

  • 22.11 - 12.12.2021

    Duration of the Huawei Startup Challenge program (three weeks for the challenge)

  • 17.12.2021

    Jury deliberation, which will select the final ten startups

  • 09.06.2022



Who did we invite to participate?

The competition sought socially responsible startups. We invited ambitious Polish engineers, entrepreneurs of all ages, and inventors at the beginning of their journey towards ecological innovation

If you want to impact world change and are ready to implement creative and technological solutions that will contribute to shaping new social attitudes in service to environmental protection and ecology, this challenge was waiting just for you.

See you in the next edition of #HuaweiStartupChallenge!

Competition goals

The overarching goal of the Huawei Startup Challenge was to identify the most innovative startups and support their transformation into fully thriving companies.

What else did we want to achieve?

Competition Jury

Who assessed the startup applications?

Przemysław Kurczewski

National Centre for R&D

Bolesław Rok

Kozminski University

Bianka Siwińska

Perspektywy Women in Tech

Aleksandra Przegalińska

Kozminski University

Kamil Wyszkowski

UN Global Compact Network

Bartosz Sokoliński

Industrial Development Agency

Mirella Panek-Owsiańska

School of Leaders

Agnieszka Pietrzak


Marcin Bajkowski

Warsaw University of Technology

Albert Gryszczuk

National Chamber of Energy Clusters

Martyna Zastawna

Wosh Wosh

Piotr Płoszajski


Maciej Kawecki

Warsaw School of Banking

Ryszard Hordyński


Anna Brussa



The competition was hosted by Huawei and Startup Academy


Startups and small businesses are today’s greatest innovators and pioneers. An increasing number of companies are seeking comprehensive digital solutions to develop their ideas and products. Huawei, as a leading provider of IT and communications infrastructure and smart devices, has been assisting startups in leveraging digital transformation opportunities for many years.

Offering solutions across four key areas — telecommunications networks, IT, smart devices, and cloud services — the company aims to deliver digital devices and solutions to individuals, businesses, and households alike, creating a fully connected, intelligent world.

Over 194,000 Huawei employees are engaged in developing innovative solutions for telecom operators, enterprises, and users, used in over 170 countries, thereby reaching one-third of the world’s population. The Huawei brand was founded in 1987 and is entirely owned by its employees.

Startup Academy


We help large companies generate and implement new solutions and build a culture of innovation. We support local governments in creating an ecosystem where it is easier for entrepreneurs to conduct their business. We also help startups build a scalable business model and obtain financing for development.

As Startup Academy, we connect large companies with startups, building a platform for effective cooperation between them. We create acceleration programs in which we help organizations generate innovative solutions, products, and services through cooperation with creative and flexible companies.

Since November 2019, we have also been an Accredited Business Environment Institution with a focus on Innovation Centers, which emphasizes the quality of our work outcomes, as an entity meeting the highest standards.

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